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Online Chauffeur Training Certification Program

Certified Company and Chauffeur Course - Owner/Operator Edition

Profit From Chauffeur Training:  Do not under estimate the value of certified chauffeur training. 

"I firmly believe in the value of ongoing education.  This is a Good Program.  A job well done LimoSchool!"
- Dean Schuler - Owner - Signature Livery

Great course Great Price:  One of the least expensive chauffeur training programs on the market. We use modern technology to deliver our product, online over the internet and pass the savings on to you.

Company Certificate:  Proof that your limousine company participates in certified chauffeur training.  Yes, another award to hang on your wall.

Certified Professional Chauffeurs:  Proof for Chauffeurs with a Certificate and Lapel pin.  Enhances professional pride of entire driver team.  Strengthens desire to provide great service to customers.  Creates greater customer retention and referrals.

Advertising Value:  Add certificates to all advertising you do:  print, radio, phone books, website.  Prove that your Limousine company is all about high end service. 

Lower Insurance Premiums:  Insurance is all about Risk Management.  Many Limousine Insurance Companies ask on their application if you are enrolled in a Chauffeur Training Program.  Proper chauffeur training lowers risk for them, in turn lowers your risk and cost.  All limousine owners should be extremely interested in lowering accident risk. 

Referrals Certified Trained Chauffeur:  Chauffeur job seekers from all over the world take our chauffeur training course.  We refer these individuals to certified companies in their area.  Can you imagine a fully uniformed trained chauffeur with certificate in hand applying to your company?  Someone who cared enough to seek professional training on their own is a valuable employee. 

Free Monthly Training Updates:  Delivered in the form of newsletters and published articles.  You and your chauffeurs are welcome to submit questions and ideas. 

"I am glad to see you got the online service up and running.  I enjoyed the course that you taught in Ithaca.  I walked away from that course with a different attitude towards the Limousine Industry as a whole.  

There is no doubt that the knowledge that I gained far exceeded the cost for  us to drive 800 miles to take your course.  We now get larger tips and more referrals than our competitor's can, because my customers respect our professionalism. Now I won't have that expense to send my future Chauffeur's for training. Thank You for the hard work and dedication to this industry. Best of luck!!

- Jay L. Gardenhour - A-Plus Classic Limousine, PA

As a business owner, you understand that consistent, comprehensive training makes all the difference between a professional, smoothly-working team and the alternative nightmare.  

We understand training budgets can be tight so we have a specially priced option for limousine operators of all sizes.

There are many quality chauffeur training programs available on the market today. The problem is - they are expensive:  from $300.00 to $1,000.00.  Who can afford that?

Make a commitment to certifying your team today.  For $129.00, we will set you up as a Certified Chauffeur company.   

  • You will get unlimited access to our course for one year.  Train all your chauffeurs and new hires for one low price.
  • You will receive a company certificate that proves you are a certified company that employs professional chauffeurs.
  • The program comes with one free Chauffeur certification test and lapel pin - perfect for the owner (recommended) or chauffeur manager in charge.
  • Additional certifications for your drivers are priced at $24.95 each - a savings of over $75 off the individual price.  We will give you an access code to be entered at checkout that reduces the price to the $24.95 level and identifies that person as your employee.  Their certificate will have your company name on it as well (reducing turnover) and will be mailed to your company address.  They will also get the lapel pin mailed with the certificate.  

We highly recommend you have drivers pay the $24.95 since it is their certification. The company provided the training course to them for free.  Some companies offer to pay or refund as a performance incentive.  One performance idea is for client Thank you letters.  Of course this completely up to you. Make sure after you sign up to send the e-mail address for referrals and free monthly updates. 

This is the easiest choice you will ever have to make.  Together we can raise the bar for professional chauffeurs. 

Want to see what the Course will look like?  Click here for a preview. (opens in a new window)   

Just click here to setup your Owner/Operator Program now for $129.00 using our safe and secure server.


PS.   We can also customize this training program to incorporate your unique company policies.  If you are interested in a customized version, branded with your name and your company policies, just contact us here.  

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