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Online Chauffeur Training Certification Program

Are You Ready to Make Up to $25 / hour plus Tips in One of the World's Most Exciting Professions?  

You don't realize it yet, but in the next two minutes, you're going to learn exactly how to access a breakthrough system to give you the confidence and training to be a Chauffeur.

Since 1998 we have trained hundreds of people just like you to be world-class, successful chauffeurs.  We started as a limousine company just training our own employees and rapidly expanded to train our peers in delivering "Red Carpet" service.  We ran seminars throughout the United States and Canada and offered the first Chauffeur Training course available through the local vocational programs.  

Welcome to the most innovative, most comprehensive Chauffeur Training Certification Program available on the market today.  Best of all, you can take the course over the Internet on your own computer, anytime day or night.  We have the only online training program for chauffeurs in the world.

  • Learn from those who do.  We are a limousine company.  We practice what we teach every day.  You will learn exactly the same methods we teach our chauffeurs.  
  • Worldwide need for chauffeurs.  There is a limousine company in every corner of the world.  They need drivers.  This course will train you in what you need to know.
  • Meet rock stars, celebrities and VIP's.  Chauffeurs are often called upon to deliver "famous" clients to their venues.  Our office walls are covered with autographed photos of celebrities from around the world.  This is one of the most interesting perks of being a chauffeur.  You will meet wonderful people from all walks of life.
  • Recession Proof Industry.  Even during the most dire economic times, people need entertainment.  They want to feel important, special, treated with dignity and respect - and just have a great time.  The limousine industry will survive regardless of how the stock markets are doing. 
  • Time-Tested Methods Proven to Increase Your Tips!  Our course gives you vital Trade Secrets that turn an ordinary limo driver into a super, almost mind-reading, professional chauffeur.  

"I was hired, and driving, within a matter of a few hours of completion of the first course, and made over $300 just in tips my first weekend out."
- Miles Parker - Ithaca, NY

  • Each day is a different adventure.  You will meet new people, visit new places - even your hours will vary.  This is not a job for someone who likes to sit at a desk.  Being a chauffeur is a fun and rewarding career.
  • Help others enjoy life.  You often to get to be around people celebrating important moments in their lifetime - weddings, proms, anniversaries, nights out on the town.  It's hard not to enjoy what you are doing when everyone around you is having fun.
  • Flexible Part time or Full time employment.  Whether you are looking for extra cash working part time or a fulfilling full time career, a trained chauffeur has the flexibility to do either. 
  • Certification Respected WorldwideWhen you pass the test at the end of the course, you will be a proud member of our worldwide certification program and we will mail you a certificate and lapel pin to proudly display your professional accomplishment.  You will be a valuable asset to any limousine company that cares about delivering great service to its customers.
Proper Training is Critical to Your Livelihood

If you want to be a Police Officer, you need to go to a Police Academy for advanced training.  Firefighters have extensive training on a regular basis.  Chefs start out at cooking schools. Most professions require proper instruction.  Driving a Limousine is no exception.  

There is a lot more to being a Chauffeur than just getting behind the wheel and driving.  Ask any experienced Chauffeur - they all agree.  Tips are a large portion of how a Chauffeur is paid.  Great Chauffeurs are rewarded with great tips and repeat business - which means more great tips.  

Ask any owner of a Limousine company - without properly trained Chauffeurs, there is no business (or at least, not for long).  A true Chauffeur knows their craft inside and out.  Master Chauffeurs - confident, professional people who have undergone extensive training and have experience are rare indeed.  

When you take our training course and pass the certification test, you will be well on your way to success as  a Chauffeur.  You will feel confident knowing the basics necessary to make your clients happy and succeed in the limousine industry.  This could well be a great start to a satisfying career as a respected professional.  


The Easy Way to Certified Chauffeur Training


  • Professional, Easy to follow format.  If your computer's internet browser can view Flash, you can take our course.  There is a screenshot of the course to the right.  Want to see more?  Click here for a preview.
  • Affordable - Even if you are just starting out, you will find the program very reasonably priced.  
  • No dedicated training area needed - Just need a computer with internet access and speakers.  You can even take this course on the road - sit at your favorite internet cafe, drink your coffee and learn about one of the world's most interesting and exciting professions.


"Wow, your course was excellent.  It was very professional and informative.  It was simple to follow.  Whatever questions I had about chauffeurs while taking the course were answered later in the course.  It's like you knew what I was going to ask.  It was very well thought out.  At the end, I felt confident I could go out and handle customers and deliver excellent service as a professional chauffeur."
- Aaron Doty - Syracuse, NY


Comprehensive Coverage of Material You Need to Know

  • Eleven critical parts of the Chauffeur Uniform:  What you need at a minimum.  What you should never, ever wear as your uniform.
  • Power of a Positive Appearance:  How to look, feel and act like a world class Chauffeur.
  • The Tools of the Trade:  Fifteen items every Chauffeur must have at all times.  Without these, you may as well stay home.
  • The Client Care Kit:  Your secret weapon as a Professional Chauffeur.  These are inexpensive items you can bring along that will guarantee huge tips when necessity calls.
  • Etiquette:  What to say to a Client and how to say it.  Topics to avoid under any circumstances.  How to handle everyday situations with grace and professionalism.
  • Driving Techniques:  While traffic laws vary from state to state, there are some Standard Rules when driving limousines.  Knowing these tips could save the company you work for thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.   What to do in case of an accident.
  • Care and Feeding of Limousines:  How to handle Energy Management.  The importance of Maintenance Reports.  Special features limousines have that even most experienced drivers don't know about.
  • How to do a basic service:  All important rules, time saving tips that will empower you  to deliver exceptional service each time.
  • How to Prepare for a Service:  Abraham Lincoln said, "If I had 12 hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend 11 of it sharpening my axe."  Great preparation is critical.  If you skip this step, you will probably be dealing with complaints.  
  • Importance of a Team attitude in the Limousine industry.  
  • Client Psychology - Anticipating their Needs and Desires.  Happy customers mean repeat business and better tips.  
  • Tips and Gratuities:  How and why clients tip and what you can do to maximize your tip and keep your customers returning.

All that and more in this comprehensive chauffeur course.  By the time you successfully complete your test, you will feel confident you know the basics of handling a limousine service.  

So how much is it?  What does a course like this cost ?  We feel it's worth a lot.  We're pulling on years of experience and education and have channeled that into a quality product.  We were going to set the price at $249.95 (US Dollars).

However, we also wanted it affordable for you if you are just starting out.  So, for now,  we're going to offer the course for only:  $99.95

That's $150.00 off our original price.  We can't guarantee how long we'll be able to keep it at this price so you'll want to sign up now.  Click here to order now.  

Investing in this course grants you access to our Secure Member's Area where you have up to 28 days to complete the training course and pass the certification test.  The course and test normally take about two hours to complete if you don't stop for breaks.  We recommend you take your time, take notes and fully understand what is being presented to you.  

In order to use the online training course, you will need access to high-speed internet (DSL or Cable Modem at a minimum).  The course would not be enjoyable over a dial-up connection.  

  Yes!  I Want to be a GREAT Chauffeur!

  • I'm ready to meet people from all walks of life.  I want to learn the secrets of being a confident, professional chauffeur.
  • I understand I have 28 days to access the course and take the certification test.  When I pass the certification test, I'll be mailed a certificate suitable for framing and a lapel pin to proudly display my accomplishment.

Immediate Online Access to Making Great Chauffeurs for only $99.95

Just click here to order using our 100% Safe and Secure server

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